In addition to academic excellence, an exceptionally successful college/university student develops life skills to address challenges they encounter on campus and beyond. EduCurae provides training (and advisement) for developing important life skills and resiliency.

Student Development

We believe in a 3 step approach to developing individuals…

1.Building the foundation

  • Creating self- awareness
  • Improving self- management
  • Increased social awareness

2.Growing core character strengths

  • Building mental, emotional and social resilience
  • Increasing intrinsic motivation
  • Increasing emotional agility
  • Inculcating gratitude

3.Achieving personal effectiveness

  • Enhancing relationship skills
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Responsible decision making
  • Developing personal brand of leadership
  • Improving communication skills

Positive development is proven to result in:

Enhanced cognitive functions

  • Improved academic scores
  • Greater creativity
  • Better problem solving skills

Better emotional management

  • Better stress management
  • Reduced behavior problems
  • Increased enthusiasm for learning

positive and “can-do” attitude

  • Increased motivation among students
  • Greater awareness of strengths
  • Well-grounded sense of confidence and optimism

Sharper communication skills

  • Active listening skills
  • More effective collaboration with others
  • Reduced misunderstandings

Improved relationship skills

  • Ability to establish and manage relationships with family and others from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Constructively negotiate conflict
  • Resisting inappropriate social pressure


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